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“We help clients transform their business through Salesforce CRM”

At Alpha Index, we help our clients transform their business through Salesforce CRM. A technical solution is not enough, to get a RoI you need to use Salesforce to change the way you work.

The Alpha Index approach

Many CRM implementations fail to achieve their promise. The Alpha Index approach is a robust plan to guarantee success.

  • First we sit down with you to assess what you want achieve from a CRM, what ‘success’ would look like to you. We identify metrics that would measure that ‘success’ before planning the installation.
  • Then we make sure we understand the peculiarities of your business, configure Salesforce and Alpha Publisher, and migrate your data.
  • When that is completed, we provide training, support, and ongoing coaching to ensure that you achieve the targets you set out, because let’s face it, buying a CRM is like joining a gym.

Improving value from your Salesforce CRM

This approach does not have to be used with a fresh Salesforce implementation, but can be applied to smaller projects. But the emphasis is always on identifying & understanding the business objectives before designing a solution, and following up to ensure the solution is working.

Brighton Salesforce User Group

Support takes many forms, and as part of our commitment to helping the Salesforce community, we setup and help organize the Brighton Salesforce User Group. This is a fantastic way to meetup with other Salesforce users, mingle with experts and is our way of supporting not only our own clients, but all local Salesforce users.

Click here to join the Brighton Salesforce User Group



Does Salesforce work for publishers? Where is the RoI?

Salesforce is probably the most expensive CRM system on the market, but it’s also the most successful.

Can Salesforce CRM increase your sales 10%? 20%? 30%?

A CRM is not going to increase your sales any more than a cement mixer will build a house – but don’t try to build your business without one!