AlphaPublisherCloudLogo Alpha Publisher is a Salesforce® plugin on the Appexchange that make Salesforce® really work for magazine publisher.
It helps:

  • Close deals faster
  • Reduce customer disappointment
  • Provide accurate metrics
  • Make copy chasing and invoicing easier
  • Reduce churn

Running a magazine, website, email newsletter, event is hard enough – Alpha Publisher makes it a little easier.

Alpha Publisher Overview

Watch the video to see how easy it is to use the core features:

Alpha Publisher Feature List

Product selector is flexible enough to handle all your inventory & pricing requirements:

  • Ratecard pricing
  • Series discounts
  • Agency Discount
  • Display, Banners, Classified, Directory, Stand space & sponsorship
  • Series insertions
  • CPM, tenancy, column cm,
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, annual pricing
  • Real-time availability – what positions are available, booked or on option – as you build the order means you can close the deal faster and avoid disappointing your customer.

And the plugin includes configuration of standard Salesforce features:

  • Integrates with Salesforce Synchronized Quotes making multiple quotes easy to handle
  • Supports EU VAT & variable Sales Tax
  • Integrated flat plan, means you crm holds the most up-to-date data, rather than some spreadsheet somewhere…
  • Integrated Copy chasing, avoid double keying and takes away the risk of forgetting to chase copy.
  • Identifying last ad booked enables flexible renewals handling, reducing churn.

Pre-built dashboards with key metrics for publishers give insight to senior management and help sales reps and managers manage the pipeline:

  • Page yield
  • Sales against target
  • Sales against same position last year

Invoicing integration based on Issues & Publication Date can be provided:

  • Financial Force
  • Sage Live
  • Xero
  • External systems via spread-sheets

The Alpha Index approach

We have the vision to help you plan and implement your full Salesforce solution. And the tenacity to make your crm a ‘useful tool’ rather than an ‘annoying chore’ .

The Alpha Index approach is a robust plan to guarantee success.

  • First we sit down with you to assess what you want achieve from a CRM, what ‘success’ would look like to you. We identify metrics that would measure that ‘success’ before planning the installation.
  • Then we make sure we understand the peculiarities of your business, configure Salesforce and Alpha Publisher, and migrate your data.
  • When that is completed, we provide training, support, and ongoing coaching to ensure that you achieve the targets you set out, because let’s face it, buying a CRM is like joining a gym.

“We help publishers transform their business through Salesforce CRM”

Alpha Publisher Invoicing

Publishers often make series bookings, but invoice by issue. Unfortunately this means that many of the standard invoicing products that produce one invoice for each ‘opportunity’ simply do not work for publishers. Alpha Publishing invoicing does work for publishers, and can integrate automatically with Xero accounting and Financial Force.

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Does Salesforce work for publishers? Where is the RoI?

Salesforce is probably the most expensive CRM system on the market, but it’s also the most successful.

Salesforce saves Sage from inevitable decline?

Sage, long time giant of accounting software, was stuck in its 20th century architecture.

Can Salesforce CRM increase your sales 10%? 20%? 30%?

A CRM is not going to increase your sales any more than a cement mixer will build a house – but don’t try to build your business without one!


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