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On the 31st December 2020
Sage will “be withdrawing the service”.

This means you will have NO ACCESS TO YOUR DATA.

Not for your auditors.

Not for VAT inspections.


Alpha Index have written a plugin that copies the key Sage Financials data to custom Salesforce objects. This means, so long as you have a Salesforce License, you can uninstall Sage Financials and still have continued access to your essential data.

We are offering a full decommissioning service, including the Sage Financials Cloud Archive, with the following features:

Archive of data

  • Transaction object
    This holds data from Sage Financials Transactions, Journal, Manual Ledger Entries and Payment-on-account numbers
  • Transaction Line Items
    Giving full details of Invoices, Credit Notes & Journals
  • Tax Treatments
    These are linked to your VAT Submissions so you can produce details VAT Reports
  • Ledger Items
    These allow for key reports such as Trial Balance, and any analysis reports that rely on Sage Financials Dimension Tags


Files and attachments linked to Sage Financials Journals and Transaction are brought over with the archive so you will still be able to view and print invoice PDF, BACS files, as well as any files you have uploaded to invoices & credit note records.


As the data is stored in Salesforce Custom Objects you can use all the Salesforce Reporting features to view the archived data. But to enable you to print the key financial reports you will need for auditing or VAT inspection, we have included 5 reports with a report filter so you can select a Company, FY & Period for the following:

  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Loss
  • Aged Creditor (retrospective)
  • Aged Debtor (retrospective)
  • VAT Detail
  • Bank Statements
  • Purchases by Supplier
  • Sales by Customer

Alpha Index decommissioning service

After the 31st December 2020 you will not even be able to uninstall Sage Financials! This can be a complex process, but we have included this in the Cloud Archive package:

  • Installing the plugins used by Sage Financials Cloud Archive.
  • Archive data to custom Salesforce objects.
  • Test Trial Balance and Aged Creditors & Debtors agree with your Sage Financials data.
    (we do this for the current date, and back to the last end-of year).
  • Handover of archive, setting up permission sets and uninstalling the Sage Financials Cloud Archive Builder plugin.
  • Uninstalling Sage Financials.

The cost for this service is £3,000 plus £10 per 1,000 Ledger Items for a single companies and a single Legislation and Business Type. (All prices exclusive of VAT)
Additional companies are charged at £250 per additional company with the same Legislation and Business Type.


Please fill in your details and we’ll get right back to you.