Payables in Accounting Seed are setup with either a Salesforce Account as the ‘Vendor’ or a Salesforce Contact as the ‘Contact’. Expensify users are identified by their login email, and we use that email to match to a Salesforce Contact to make the Payable.

All the ‘Expensify User Contacts’ need to be linked to the Salesforce Account that has been defined in Policy field ‘User Employee Account’ (This is displayed in the error message). Contacts can be linked as Primary or Related Contacts.

You can get this error message for a number of reasons:

  1. You have downloaded Expenses from a new User who does not exist in Salesforce.
    Go to the ‘User Employee Account’ and add the new user as a Contact, ensuring the Email field has the Expensify login email.
  2. The user already exists as a Contact, but the Email field is blank
  3. The Email field in the Contact does not match the Expensify login email.
    You will need to edit the Email field in Salesforce
  4. The Contact exists, with the correct email, but is NOT linked to the ‘User Employee Account’
    See: https://www.alpha-index.co.uk/exasc-help-pc/