The Expensify Accounting Seed Connector uses the Categories or Category GL Codes setup for each Expense in Expensify to map to GL Accounts.

There are various ways this can be done, so check in the error message which “GL Account Mapping” you are using and follow this link to find out exactly what is required for each.

You get this error either because either you need to add a new GL Account in Accounting Seed, or the data in Expensify is not matching to data in Accounting Seed.

If the data is miss-matched, depending on the “GL Account Mapping” you will need to edit:

  • Expensify ‘Category’
  • Expensify ‘Category GL Code’.
  • Accounting Seed GL Account ‘Name’
  • Accounting Seed GL Account ‘Expensify UID’

If the Accounting Seed data is wrong, update and re-process the Expensify Reports.

If the Expensify data is wrong you can either update the data in Expensify and then redownload the Expensify Reports or edit the Expense data directly in Salesforce. Then you will need to re-process the Expensify Reports.