Expensify ‘Tags’ and ‘Tag GL Codes’ can be mapped to GL Variables, Projects or Project Tasks.

The mappings can either be setup to allow blank values or to make the Tag required. (using ‘Allow Blanks’)

If you are mapping to a GL Variable, you can also allow new GL Variables to be created as necessary. (using ‘Allow New Accounting Variables’)

You get this error message if a Tag value is found which does NOT have a matching GL Variable. You WON’T get this error message if the Expensify Mapping is set to ‘Allow Blanks’ or set to ‘Allow New Accounting Variables’

Usually you get this message because the Expense contains new Tag data and the GL Variable has not yet been setup. In this case you can click [OK] to add the new GL Variables to Accounting Seed.

But it can also be because the spelling in the data has changed so the Expensify Tag data no longer matches your Accounting Seed data, and in this case you need to investigate why and decide which data is correct and which needs changing.

If the Accounting Seed data is incorrect, you can simply update the GL Variable in Accounting Seed and re-run the process.

If the Expensify Data is wrong, you will need to update the Tag & Tag GL Codes in Expensify. Then you can either redownload the Expensify Report, or edit the Expensify Expense data in Salesforce to match the Accounting Seed values.