exc Help: Tax Handling

  • Tax

    Expensify provides a simple automatic Tax calculation feature. You can setup Tax Rates and Expensify uses these to calculate the Tax from the Gross. Of course this does not always work out, and you can manually override the calculated Tax amounts.

    The Expensify Accounting Seed Connector provides three ways of handling these Tax Rates:

    • No Tax Handling
      The Gross amount is used in the Payable without any Tax
    • Use Tax Groups
      If you have Tax Groups setup in Accounting Seed you can map the Tax Rate in Expensify to Tax Groups in Accounting Seed. Tax errors are automatically handled so the Net, Tax and Gross from the Expense is used in the Payable. To handle Tax Errors you need to setup a ‘Zero Tax’ Tax Group and set this in the Policy mapping ‘Zero Tax Group’ field.
    • Use Payable Lines
      If you have complex tax requirements, each expense can be added as TWO lines in the Payable – one for the Net Amount and once for the Tax Amount.
      If you use this method you need to setup the ‘Tax GL Account’ in the Policy mapping.

    NB: Using Tax Groups requires Accounting Seed to be setup for ‘Native Tax’: https://support.accountingseed.com/hc/en-us/articles/360044950494-Set-up-Accounting-Seed-AS-Native-Tax

    You can also setup the Mappings so Expenses in different currencies can map to different Tax Groups even if the Expensify Tax Rate is the same.

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