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Expensify Accounting Seed Connector

Expensify makes filling in your expenses claims a breeze. The Expensify Accounting Seed Connector enables you to enter those expenses into Accounting Seed with the click of a button.

  • Automatic nightly downloads of approved expenses from Expensify.
  • Check the Expense Reports in Salesforce before processing them.
  • Choose the Expense Reports to process and create and post Payables (Purchase Invoices) with the Employee as the Vendor (Supplier).
  • All the Expensify Categories, Merchants, Tags, GL Codes can be mapped to Accounting Seed Projects or GL Account Variables.
  • Corporate Credit Card expenses from Expensify can be automatically posted to the appropriate General Ledger.
  • Multiple Expensify Policies map to multiple companies in Accounting Seed.
  • Foreign Currency expenses can be handled as Foreign Currency Purchase Invoices.
  • Full support for VAT handling, including mixed VATable and non-VATable receipts.
  • Use standard Accounting Seed functionality to reimburse your employees.

Alpha Index will help you configure both Expensify and Accounting Seed to achieve the best integration.
That way you know it’s going to work.

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