Ideal Support Page

Sales Invoicing

Purchase Invoicing

  • Create Purchase Invoice
  • Who needs paying
  • Pay Purchase Invoice
  • Remittance Advice (“Email remittances when a payment is entered” and “Re-send remittances”)
  • Credit notes
  • Reconcile payment with Bank see: Bank Reconciliation, (Reconcile a Supplier Payment)
  • Netting-off Credit Notes see: Credit notes (Raise a Credit Note against a PAID invoice)
  • Debit Card purchases see: Bank Reconciliation, (Reconcile a Supplier Payment without an Invoice: 1 step processing)
  • Petty Cash purchases (use Bank Rec Purchase with ‘Bank Account’ set to ‘Petty Cash’)
  • Credit Card purchases (create a Purchase Invoice for all the items in your Credit Card Statement, then use Supplier Payment to pay the card off)

Bank Reconciliation

Foreign Currency handling


VAT Submission


Manual Adjustments

Basic Admin functions

  • Add new user This ‘knowhow’ article explains how to add users and all the security settings associated with users
  • Create users This is a link to the Sage Help

Sage Help Resources

Sage Financials Help

Sage Partner Forum Here you should join the ‘Sage Financials’ Group and this is where you can raise cases.

Sage University: go here for a range of online courses.
To register for the first time, register here: and follow through the ‘New to Sage University’ – ‘Select a Product’ – ‘Create a Profile’

Raising a case:

Before raising a case make sure you have Granted Sage permission to log in.

How to raise a case

Use this template and fill in all the fields when you raise a case with Sage:

Salesforce Org ID: 00D58000000dBd8
Support Access Granted for admin: YES
Support Access Granted for affected user (if applicable):
Knowledge article(s) reviewed: YES
Company affected: Ideal
User Affected:
Users not impacted by this:
Example Transaction/Journal (if applicable):
Is system still usable:
Steps to recreate and outcome:
Error details (if applicable):
Replicated in a Demo Org:
Date of first occurrence:
Impact to the Business:
Severity (High/Med/Low):
Your mobile number if severity is High:


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