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Increase sales by managing your pipeline in Salesforce

Why bother?

Let me ask you two questions:

  • If I can make your finance department 10% more efficient, what difference would that make to your business?
  • But if I can make your sales department 10% more efficient, now that would make a difference to your business – right?

If you already use Salesforce, has it made your sales team more efficient? If not, how could you achieve it? And if you are thinking of Salesforce, how can a CRM make your sales team 10% more efficient?

The key for any successful CRM project is to
HELP your sales people do their job BETTER


In the last 10 years we have seen the most remarkable technological revolution:

  • Mobile smart phones
  • Cloud Computing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence

But productivity in the UK has flat-lined. I believe poorly implemented IT solutions have a significant part to play in that under performance. People are resourceful, if a system doesn’t work right they find ways around it, they muddle along. But ‘muddling along’ is not good enough. To avoid this you need a clear vision of what is going to make a real difference to your business and then concentrate 100% on delivering it. Though there are many exciting AI developments for sales, but for most companies, what will make a real difference is much simpler:


The only thing that will increase your sales is the ACTIONS of your SALES TEAM.

the calls they make
the emails they send
the companies they visit

Pipeline & Actions

By giving your sales team a simple way to manage their pipeline, they can concentrate on winning those deals, confident they are on top of all their opportunities. When they sit down on Monday morning, they can get started right away on selling, rather than messing around on their computers. We believe you can manage your pipeline in Salesforce with a single List View that gives access to the key parameters to prioritise activities:

  • Next Activity
    This gives visibility on meeting or calls you have committed to, as well as showing opportunities without a follow up plan
  • Last Activity
    This shows opportunities that are due a call
  • Deal value
    Larger deals are more important than smaller deals
  • Stage
    How the opportunity is progressing along through your sales process

By giving your sales team a single List View that can be sorted by these parameters, they are free to sell creatively without loosing sight of their pipeline. You really can help them do their job better.


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