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Installing the VAT Detail Report


This articles explains how to install the Sage Financials Feature Pack VAT Detail Report by Alpha Index. There are 2 steps to complete the installation:

Step 1: Install the Managed Package

The Drill Down TB is part of the Alpha Index Sage Financials Feature Pack Managed Package that you need to install.

The URL you need for V1.12 in your production instance is:

To install on a Sandbox use:

If you are unsure how to install Managed Apps, please check out this video

Step 2: Add the Tab to the Financials top-level tab bar

This will add ‘VAT Report’ as a top-level menu entry in Sage Financials.

You need to add the ‘VAT Report’ to ‘Selected Items’ in the ‘Financials’ App.

If you are unsure how to change ‘Selected Items’ in Saleforce Apps, check out this video, but instead of selecting ‘Drill Down TB’ choose ‘VAT Report’.

All Done

After you have run your VAT Submission (under the Tab ‘Compliance) you can choose the ‘VAT Report’ tab, select the required period and view the report.