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It is REALLY important MTD for Accounting is setup BEFORE users test the system.

Note: Please DO NOT setup any Tax Groups or Tax Rates before adding the standard rates installed as part of the MTD for Accounting Seed configuration.

Before you start:

  • Find out when VAT Periods end (this does not necessarily coincide with the Financial Year End) and the VAT return frequency (usually quarterly)
  • You need to setup ‘Header Level Posting’ and ‘Native Tax’ in Accounting Seed:
  • Setup the following GL Accounts
    • Sales Tax Control (normally setup with ‘Native Tax’)
    • Purchase Tax Control (normally setup with ‘Native Tax’)
    • VAT Liability (This is a new account – a balance sheet liability account)
    • VAT Adjustments (This is optional but I would recommend adding it so you can use the Manual VAT Adjustments feature)

Advanced Setup: