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Introduction to Salesforce

Here are some videos to introduce you to Salesforce

Navigating around Salesforce in Lightning Navigating Salesforce Lightning

This video shows how you can use Salesforce Lightning to manage your pipeline, including the Kanban view Managing your Pipeline

List Views are a key way for you to find and organise your data Using and Editing List Views

Reports and Dashboards are a great way to visualise your data Using Reports and Dashboards

Creating reports is for more advanced users, but give a great way to analyse your data
Go to ‘Reports’ and click [New Report] to Create a report in Salesforce

Configuring your Email

You need your Email Address and a Password to log onto Outlook before doing this configuration
First, setup Salesforce to send emails through Outlook. Watch this video which shows you how to configure Salesforce to send emails through Outlook Configure Salesforce to send emails

Emails you send or receive through Outlook can be linked back into Salesforce to keep a full contact history
You first need to configure Outlook365 by logging on through your browser, and then you can use Outlook on your desktop
This video shows you each of the steps Configure Outlook to work with Salesforce

Getting Help

Click on the ? menu at the top right of the screen in Salesforce to get a summary of help available.

Google is a great place to find answers

The following is a Salesforce site that collates Lightning Videos. It should contain up-to-date videos as they become available SFDC Lightning How ToHide Section - Administration functions

Administration functions

How to add a new user

If a Member of staff leaves, don’t just update their name with a new user, set them to Inactive first.
If a new member of staff has replaced someone, deactivate the old user first to keep within your license limit. Then add a new user.
If you have an extra member of staff, you will have to contact your Account Executive at Salesforce to purchase an additional license.
This video shows you how to deactivate the old user and add a new user: Add a new user

You may also need to transfer their Accounts and/or Opportunities. Accounts can be transfered using Mass Transfer Transfer

Or you can go to the ‘Mass TEO Transfer’ tab to transfer just the Open Opportunities and Open Tasks.

Support from your Salesforce Consultant

For further support, coaching, training or configuration, please contact: Philip Meldrum at Alpha Index Tel: +44 1273 777202