VTSL Support Page

Sales Invoicing

Purchase Invoicing

  • Create Purchase Invoice
  • Who needs paying
  • Pay Purchase Invoice
  • Remittance Advice (“Email remittances when a payment is entered” and “Re-send remittances”)
  • Credit notes
  • Reconcile payment with Bank see: Bank Reconciliation, (Reconcile a Supplier Payment)
  • Netting-off Credit Notes see: Credit notes (Raise a Credit Note against a PAID invoice)
  • Debit Card purchases see: Bank Reconciliation, (Reconcile a Supplier Payment without an Invoice: 1 step processing)
  • Petty Cash purchases (use Bank Rec Purchase with ‘Bank Account’ set to ‘Petty Cash’)
  • Credit Card purchases (create a Purchase Invoice for all the items in your Credit Card Statement, then use Supplier Payment to pay the card off)

Bank Reconciliation


VAT Submission


Manual Adjustments

Basic Admin functions

  • Add new user This ‘knowhow’ article explains how to add users and all the security settings associated with users
  • Create users This is a link to the Sage Help

Rebuild Ledger – before running…

Disable Process builder:
Process to Update paid Invoice

Disable Validation Rule on Ledger Entry:


Sage Help Resources

Sage Financials Help

Sage Partner Forum Here you should join the ‘Sage Financials’ Group and this is where you can raise cases.

Sage University: go here for a range of online courses.
To register for the first time, register here: and follow through the ‘New to Sage University’ – ‘Select a Product’ – ‘Create a Profile’

Raising a case:

Before raising a case make sure you have Granted Sage permission to log in.

How to raise a case

Use this template and fill in all the fields when you raise a case with Sage:

Salesforce Org ID: 00D20000000JjHD
Support Access Granted for admin: YES
Support Access Granted for affected user (if applicable):
Knowledge article(s) reviewed: YES
Company affected: VTSL
User Affected:
Users not impacted by this:
Example Transaction/Journal (if applicable):
Is system still usable:
Steps to recreate and outcome:
Error details (if applicable):
Replicated in a Demo Org:
Date of first occurrence:
Impact to the Business:
Severity (High/Med/Low):
Your mobile number if severity is High:



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