aiEasyLabel is a Salesforce App (plugin) that is the easiest way to print labels from Salesforce.
The Lite version is FREE, and the Pro version has some power user benefits.

Lite version.

  • Totally free!
  • Print labels for Contacts, Accounts and Leads.
  • Add the button to the Search List Layout, and away you go!
  • Avery numbers supported, as well as custom label page layout.

If you want to download the App to your Salesforce, please click here.


Pro version.

  • Print labels for ANY object: standard or custom.
  • Add multiple label page templates (with Lite, you can only save a single template).
  • Configurable to print standard labels from a custom button, or a Visual Force Page.

If your want to upgrade or download this version for your salesforce, please send an email for more information.

Premium Support

For aiEasyLable Lite users, we will try support you by email, if we can. However, if you want to use aiEasyLabel in a mission critical application, and would like enhanced support by email, telephone or online, please send an email for more information.

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