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Expensify Pricing


Expensify Policy Types

For integration with Accounting Seed you will be looking at the following Expensify Policy types
  • Collect
  • Control
    You need this license if you want to integrate your Corporate Credit Card with Expensify, of if you want multi-level approval (as apposed to single-level approval)
  • Group ‘Free’
    If you do not need approvals, VAT or tagging, and you don’t mind using the standard Categories, this provides a free solution.


Subscription or Pay-per-user

Here is an example: you pay an annual fee for 20 users. This does NOT have to be the same 20 users and each month, if you have 20 or less users adding expenses, you pay no extra.
‘Pay-per-User’ is paid on a monthly basis, so if you have 20 users in Jan you pay the monthly fee for 20 users, but if you have 2 users in Feb you only pay for 2 users.


Bundled or Unbundled

This is to do with the Expensify ‘Credit Card’. If your users use the Expensify card for over 50% of their expenses (by value), you get the reduced rate.


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