You get this error message if one of the required fields in the Policy Mapping has not been setup. Go to the ‘Expensify Mappings’ Tab and choose the ListView ‘Policy’ to edit the Policy Mapping.

These are the required fields in the Policy:


Each Policy can be linked to a different Transactional Ledger (Company) if your Accounting Seed is setup for multi-company. This field defines which Ledger to use.

User Employee Account

Payables are created with the Vendor set to a Salesforce Contact which maps to an Expensify User. To keep things organised, a special Salesforce Account is used to link all these Salesforce Contacts together, and the ‘User Employee Account’ is that special Salesforce Account. It is usually called ‘your_company_name Employee Account’

GL Account Mapping

There are several ways that Expensify Expenses can be mapped to GL Accounts in Accounting Seed. This field defines how the mapping works. For more information see: EC HELP: GL Account Mapping