Xenogenix Support Page

Sales Invoicing

Purchase Invoicing

  • Create Purchase Invoice
  • Who needs paying
  • Pay Purchase Invoice
  • Remittance Advice (“Email remittances when a payment is entered” and “Re-send remittances”)
  • Credit notes
  • Reconcile payment with Bank see:  Bank Reconciliation(Reconcile a Supplier Payment)
  • Netting-off Credit Notes see: Credit notes (Raise a Credit Note against a PAID invoice)
  • Debit Card purchases see: Bank Reconciliation(Reconcile a Supplier Payment without an Invoice: 1 step processing)
  • Petty Cash purchases (use Bank Rec Purchase with ‘Bank Account’ set to ‘Petty Cash’)
  • Credit Card purchases (create a Purchase Invoice for all the items in your Credit Card Statement, then use Supplier Payment to pay the card off)

Bank Reconciliation


VAT Submission


Manual Adjustments

Basic Admin functions


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